Downtown San Jose

These three pieces are from last week when I painted with Nina KhashchinaThis one is at San Jose State University, such a beautiful, green oasis in the middle of the city!


We moved on to the San Jose Museum of Art. I’ve always wanted to capture that bold lettering on red. Glad I finally got to do it. And, I got to draw some palm trees to boot.

Here’s another take on the museum, seen through the trees at Plaza de César Chávez. Art Graf watersoluble graphite, watercolor and pen.

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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5 Responses to Downtown San Jose

  1. Those bits of sign poking through the trees are so great. I also love the negative shapes of the tree in that last one. You’re doing amazing things with that water-soluble graphite.

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  2. Lots to love here Suhita! Those palm trees are perfect, and I love the reversed out lettering too!

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  3. An amateur wouldn’t have been able to capture the lettering without it dominating the art. Really like the delicate palm trees contrasting with the building. The big gnarled gray tree with the sky peeking through the branches says so much about what lasts. Great job, Suhita!

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  4. I keep thinking about how you would have made it differently if not for the white space preservation 🙂


    • Nina, that second sketch of the museum: the letters are white gouache on it. However, I’d like to do one where that red panel is a bold brushstroke across the page, with the lettering on top… Next time 🙂


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