Sketching with the Cambrian Symphony

On Saturday I sketched live at the Cambrian Symphony‘s Frontiers Concert. I guess sketching live is what I always do. But on Saturday I got to do it with a video camera projecting the work as I sketched at the concert hall. Not only did I have a blast, but I also get to give back to this amazing organization that brings so much to our community. (Every member of the Symphony donates their time to it, and their concerts are free.)

All the originals are for sale and the money raised goes to the Cambrian Symphony.

Here are sketches done during Peter and the Wolf and The Planets (and yes both the Planets pieces are inspired by Mars, the Red Planet.)

Peter and the Wolf. The Cambrian Symphony in rehearsal for their Frontiers Concert at San Jose State University. 9×12 inches
cambrian_planets1The Planets. The Cambrian Symphony in rehearsal for their Frontiers Concert at San Jose State University. 9×12 inches
cambrian_peterwolf2Peter and the Wolf. The Cambrian Symphony’s Frontiers Concert at San Jose State University. 9×12 inches SOLD
cambrian_planets2The Planets. The Cambrian Symphony’s Frontiers Concert at San Jose State University. 9×12 inches SOLD

Here are a few shots I took between sketches.

And this link goes to a 10 second video.

Here are a whole lot of little sketches.
cambrian_symphony_small1    cambrian_symphony_small2

cambrian_symphony_small3    cambrian_symphony_small4.jpg

cambrian_symphony_small5    cambrian_symphony_small6
cambrian_symphony_small7.jpg     cambrian_symphony_small8

The larger pieces are $150 each, plus shipping.  They come signed and packed in a rigid envelope so they will mail to you safely. To buy an original, contact me directly.

Love an original but it’s already sold? Prints are available through my etsy store and all profits from the prints benefit the Cambrian Symphony.

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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15 Responses to Sketching with the Cambrian Symphony

  1. Bravo Suhita! What could be better than living reportage with a community spirited offering!

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  2. Susanne Haun says:

    Good work, Susan!
    I like to draw in concert, too. But I’am sitting on my place in row. Sometimes I didn’t see the faces and hands of the musican.
    Do you have had the permission of the Cambrian Symphony Orchester drawing in concert?
    Good wishes from Berlin, Susanne


    • Susanne, I always carry a small sketchbook and draw, at any performance. But usually with marker ( no wet media). But this one was a collaboration where I not only had their permission, but they also set me up to sketch and projected the process live as a video stream on a wall of the hall. It was great fun.


  3. Beautiful lively work as always

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  4. George Backchat says:

    Good morning. I like your work, I also like to sketch. How do you get your originals to prints? I haven’t figured that out yet, can you help me? Thanks George Bacich. San Juan Capistrano

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  5. Betsy Angene says:

    In your photo, it looks as if you’re using 3 palettes. Am I looking at it wrong? Or is it just one that folds out. If so, what kind is it and is it the kind you normally use for sketching?

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  6. I love how you intensified the red splatters and streaks in the Planet series – from rehearsal to performance. I can feel the excitement building up!


  7. amazing work – as usual, Suhita!

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  8. giocka says:

    What stunning sketches!!!


  9. Expressive and lively, as usual. Love every sketch 🙂


  10. Ria says:



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