The week I didn’t sketch

It’s Friday evening and I feel like I haven’t really sketched all week, so I go look at my Instagram stream where I post stuff as I make it and it looks like I have sketched, it’s just that it’s been random little sketches in bits of time in my week. Do you ever feel like that? Like you haven’t worked on stuff just because it wasn’t something you devoted a lot of time to? The nice thing about being a sketcher I guess is that you can do a little bit of what you love in the busiest of times. So here’s my last week (and a half) in sketches.

When you chaperone 5th graders to the Tech Museum, you better sketch with a minimum of supplies. And some of your sketches will make sense only to you. Sketched in a Stillman and Birn Nova sketchbook (grey paper) with a fountain pen, a waterbrush filled with grey ink and an acrylic white marker.

A watercolor sketch of Mount Umunhum on a very grey day.

And one more at Natural Bridges State Beach.

On days when I can’t spare more than 15 minutes for a sketch but still feel I need to get out of my studio even if just for a wee bit, I head to my local coffee shop, Boulevard Coffee. Again, waterbrush with grey ink (well, dilute black ink) and fountain pen. One sketch, and a quick

Thank goodness for weekly figure drawing. Almost all of what I draw goes straight to the recycling bin, but I am really grateful for the practice.

Other than that? I packed a lot of books and did some color tests for a new project.

Happy Friday, I’m sketching at a concert this weekend, so I’ll be back with stuff to share on Monday!

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obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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2 Responses to The week I didn’t sketch

  1. Very nice! I know exactly what you mean…


  2. Nancy Waldron says:

    Received my book, and love it. Thank you. I see you are color testing like Brenda taught us. Good job.


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