March for Our Lives, San Jose

Today San Jose joined the nationwide movement March for Our Lives calling for sensible gun legislation. The pouring rain did nothing to dampen anyone’s enthusiasm. It was inspiring to see young people turn up in large numbers and lead the march. Those of us older than them? We followed.

It’s fantastic when the light rail train from Almaden where I live to downtown San Jose is packed like this.

We’ve had marches before, but when young people feel so strongly, you know change is coming. I overheard one conversation between teenagers discussing whether they had registered to vote: and a bunch of 16 year olds said they had filled out the forms already That way, when they get their drivers license, they’re automatically in the system to vote at 18; repeatedly I heard young people answer ‘yes’ to whether they were already registered to vote. Change is coming. For sure.

Besides teenagers and middle schoolers, there were so many young parent who brought along their little kids, all bundled up against the rain. We were marching for them.

One of favorite moments was when the rain was coming down heavily. I’d shut my sketchbook but then I walked past the Resistance Chorus singing in the rain. If they can stand there in their bright orange scarves and sing through the rain, what’s to stop me from sketching?

To all the organizers, speakers,peace officers and other volunteers who make this possible, thank you! You can find out more about these groups and organizations at the links below. They’re always happy to have more volunteers. Donations help too.


March For Our Lives
Resistance Chorus
Women’s March

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9 Responses to March for Our Lives, San Jose

  1. Erik Madsen says:

    Thank you for covering this march, this is so lmportant, and your passion for the cause really comes through.
    Erik and Diane Madsen


  2. Dana Richards says:

    Urban sketching truly chronicles our life & times – the good, the bad & the truly heartwarming – all of it captured by your post today!


  3. Suhita, thanks for bringing me along with you! The rained on sketches really get that message across of we’re not going to let obstacles stop us.


  4. John Thomsen says:

    Will the water color ones be available for purchase?


  5. Thats all of You that makes America great


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