One Week 100 People: Day 5 and more (plus some insights)

Day 5 of One Week 100 PeopleĀ didn’t go as planned and all I ended up with is one sketch late on Friday evening of the Friday-evening-beer-drinking crowd at SoFA Market in downtown San Jose.
100_people_day5Technically, it was enough to get me to 100 sketches, but I wasn’t happy to end like that, so I kept sketching through Saturday.

Here are a couple of selfies at the hair salon.

And then I did a few quick ones of people at work. This is the sort of story-telling drawing I love doing (It’s not a coincidence my workshop at the UsK Symposium in Porto is calledĀ People at Work: Quick Capture Vignettes)

I think I’m calling #oneweek100people2018 done now, although that doesn’t mean I won’t be sketching people: they’re my favorite subject to draw.

Reflecting back on the week, I didn’t exactly do what I started out wanting to do, (See my ambitious post on gearing up here) but I did have some insights into what works for me. Like all learning, these might work for me, but not for you. Everyone works differently.

  • Understand the big purpose, don’t get bogged down in the details.
    I decided I wanted to take up the challenge because working on one thing in a focussed way has always been really good for me when I hit plateaus in my work. Once that was the goal, it became less important to hit 100 than to draw a lot. It didn’t matter so much that the 5 days slipped into an extra day.
  • Say yes.
    I wanted to skip the challenge this year. With a show coming up this weekend, ( that’s a post for later this week) freelance deadlines looming and lots of days of single parenting days over the last month, ‘too busy’ sounded like a valid reason. But we’re all ‘too busy’. For some, not adding in the extra pressure of a challenge would be the right choice. For me, seeing if I could fit it in in stolen bits of my day was the right choice. I’m going to try and say yes to more.
  • Finish up.
    I decided early on to stay drawing people until I got to 100 even if my week got too busy. If that happened with you, consider continuing to draw this week. Two weeks of people sketching is better than one, perhaps?

Here are links to Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 and Day 4 of my challenge. Keep sketching!



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1 Response to One Week 100 People: Day 5 and more (plus some insights)

  1. miatagrrl says:

    Very good insights! And your busy, working people are often your best sketches! I decided long ago that for any challenge I participate in, I have to have my own personal goal, or the challenge isn’t very meaningful. Exactly like your “big purpose.” I decided that I wanted to draw figures using as few marks as possible while still evoking a unique person and not a generic symbol. I saw myself get better and better the more I did, and that’s the part that was important to me — not the 100.

    – Tina


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