One Week 100 People: Day 2

Day 2. It was a little crazy to try and attempt color sketches on a day with so little time. I stopped on my way home at Whole Foods. Luckily, it was 70ish today and I could sit outside and watch people scurry in and out. Here are my sketches, all of them.

On these first few, I’m trying to work in color (and shape) first which is harder for me than the other way around, especially with action. Why work like this? Mostly just to force myself to work differently than what comes naturally.

I drew a bunch of dogs today. I’d have to study them more to be able to draw them well: they’re such great shapes, it’s fun to draw them.100_people_day2_3


At the bottom of this page, with the little figures, I start to tire and revert to my usual way of working with movement: line first.100_people_day2_5

And I end with just a fun page of loopy line work and a bit of color over it. That’s day 2 of #oneweek100people2018 and I’m a bit past the 50 mark.  I think I’ll slow down and do a few studies tomorrow.

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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3 Responses to One Week 100 People: Day 2

  1. miatagrrl says:

    Congrats on being halfway through already! I hit 42 today, so I’m right on target. Having lots of fun with just a black brush pen.

    – Tina


  2. Sean Kupisz says:

    Awesome sketches, Suhita! I am at 83 today. As I get closer, I could try slowing down a little bit. It is hard to slow down on the subway because people are moving all the time getting on or off or changing position. Sometimes if I get my main shapes in quickly, and there’s time between stops, I have a chance. I’m usually on the train at rush hour though. It was fun today taking my Parker Duofold Centennials with Carbon Black out for a joyride! I cant wait to see your next batch!!



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