Chinese New Year Parade

Last weekend I joined the San Francisco Urban Sketchers as they sketched the Chinese New Year parade in the city. I wish I had gotten there earlier, there was so much to draw… I did end up with three quick spreads that I hope will give you a little bit of the flavor of the parade.

These kids were all lined up ready to march. It’s not easy to get a whole bunch of elementary school kids to stay still until the parade starts, or to not down set their sticks that held the dragon up…

I loved this dragon in red and gold. Those butterfly-like feelers look a bit incongruous on a dragon this fierce looking, but it was still a spectacular site in red and gold.

Here’s a blurry shot of the sketch I took on location. It gives you a feel for how lively it  was at the parade staging area that we sketched at.

Besides a big group of urban sketchers, I had these two for company as I sketched that day.

One last sketch of the marching bands, ready to roll. You can see colorful flags and floats behind them.

Next year, I’m going to try and get there super early and sketch some more, but even this short visit was great! If you’re in the city and looking for a group to sketch with, look up SF Sketchers on Meetup: they have the funnest sketch outings every week.



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6 Responses to Chinese New Year Parade

  1. Stephanie says:

    These are so vibrant and glorious, Suhita!! And the kids’ sketches are great too… 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love these Suhita! Dragon color and kid motion, you nailed it!


  3. These are fantastic, Suhita! 😍The energy and action in these is amazing!! And the colors!! you’ll nailed them as well. Awesomeness my friend!!


  4. Genie Geer says:

    Good stuff! It’s good that today my wifi is allowing me to get caught up on reading my fav blogs. I was unplugged for few weeks during my recent move to a retirement apartment while they were working on their equipment. It’s a treat to see what you’ve been up to!


  5. I love the vibrant colors and movement you caught. It’s not easy to sketch in Chinese New Year, as I have tried. Between the crowds and the fireworks lol.


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