Friday Catchup

It’s been a rare not a single sketch this week kinda week. So here’s some catchup posting of stuff from last week.

This house on Reed and 7th street, in downtown San Jose: I’ve been wanting to draw it for a while.

And from an afternoon with Srivani and Iva in downtown Campbell. I never tire of painting that water tower.


A looser, more free second piece. That’s usually how it goes for me: #1 is my warmup sketch, #2 is when I’m ready.

And when the week started getting pretty busy, I resorted to quick cafe sketching. Here in water soluble graphite and pen and ink. At Boulevard Coffee in San Jose.


The crazier the day, the smaller the sketch, this one is tiny. (blown up here because I kinda enjoy looking at all the blooms)

One last set of sketches from my daughter’s middle school orchestra concert. It’s always amazing to see all these kids perform. Some of them had never played an instrument before they got to middle school. Here’s a piece they played that I really liked called Queen Bee by Sammy Nestico. I think the sketches look better if you play the music in the background while you scroll down…

Acrylic Marker, brushpen with grey ink and my trusty Sailor Pen on Stillman & Birn’s beige Nova paper.




Happy Friday! Like I said it’s been a week sans sketching. But I’m determined to get out and sketch, if only for a few minutes, today. I find that taking a long break from putting pen to paper not only makes me rusty, it also makes me more reluctant to get back to sketching, and that’s not a good cycle to get into.

Do you have long  periods where you don’t draw? How do you get back to drawing and sticking with it? And what do you do to stay at it through really busy times?

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8 Responses to Friday Catchup

  1. Sean Kupisz says:

    Hi Suhita. Your art is incredibly inspiring.It makes me want to pick up my sketch kit,go out and sketch.I carry a stealthy sketch kit with me everywhere I go.My sketchbook and pen are in my hand so I don’t have to dig for anything in my bag. I hope I can keep it up. Thanks for the inspiration!


  2. mariyaah says:

    I have a relatively larger sketchbook which gives me an ample space to transfer things to paper however, the drawback in my case is that its not handy. Hence, for me sketching is a time consuming process. I like the way you keep things handy and easy going. And one week isn’t that long of a break i believe. Determination gets you along again and I can see that determination here. 🙂


  3. plaidbowties says:

    Often I get caught in art block-y weeks. My only way to get through it is to push through. Draw anything, even if it’s a shaded line. Try something new like pastels or whatever, go to the art store and get inspired. It sucks, that’s for sure. But that’s how I get through it. Also btw! I love your drawing of the first house on the corner of 7th street

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  4. Bernadette says:

    I especially appreciate your figures, so expressive. Yes, I go through periods when I don’t paint, draw or even doodle! My days get busy and sketching and painting comes in last place on my list of “to do.” Recently I joined a local art association with monthly meetings and group classes. Being with others equally interested, motivated and involved helps a lot. Our botanical center also offers classes I plan to join. Being in a group inspires me to create even when I return home. Thanks too for your bogs that encourage me to continue on this creative path.

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  5. Sanjeev joshi says:

    This question can have two sets of answers..those who are in the field of art,and those who are working as non artists..
    For me it’s mostly Sunday sketching..if miss any Sunday,itryand do doodling whenever I get time in my daily way I find to satisfy my sketching hunger is traveling..


    • True, Sanjeev,nothing like travel to make sketching exciting. But I still like the idea of sketching even in small windows of time between other work. I do pretty well most weeks, but if I let it slip, it’s hard to get back to it.


  6. miatagrrl says:

    The easiest way I know of to keep the sketching habit going, no matter how busy, is to have low standards. You’ve seen my little sketches of cars parked in front of me, right? 😉 That’s right before or after an errand or appointment. Very low standards.

    – Tina

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  7. hajialhadi says:

    Awesome sketch suhita… U inspire me to be fearless in sketching…


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