Paintings, sketches and a lovely surprise

One of the things I’m working on this year is working more without line. Not instead of my usual sketches, but in addition to them. Because I can always find more time to paint and draw, right?

Two neighborhood scenes I recently painted: This view, looking down my street on a grey day.car_umunhum

And this one by my daughter’s school. I really enjoy drawing cars. There’s a certain freedom to not understanding anything about cars (besides that they take me from point A to point): you just look at them as shape and go from there. Whenever I paint a car, I remember something Tom Hoffmann said: The darkest part of a car is the shadow under it. I particularly like that he thinks of the shadow as a part of the car, and paints it like one.

In ‘random things sketched last week’: a portrait of my daughter in her frog hat.kavya_fro

And a succulent in Uma’s window.

Also, last week, in amazing news, I received a surprise in the mail. A grant from the Belle Foundation for Cultural Development. Just like that, with no explanation. Here’s how their website explains their mission and grant-giving process: “Each January a handful of deserving, yet under-recognized people open their mailboxes to a letter along with a token of support from the Belle Foundation. It simply expresses recognition, appreciation and encouragement for their work. No strings attached. We do this because we believe that art is important, that creative thinking is important and that it is important to support people who take risks to fulfill a dream. We hope our positive and genuine efforts can make a difference in our increasingly cynical world.”

I am excited, and will put the grant towards one of the many ideas I’ve been considering working on for my next project (The Vintage Signs of San Jose project wraps up with a show this March). I am so thankful for the grant. It means more than I can say. I love what I do, and it just doubles the pleasure that it is meaningful to someone else too.

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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14 Responses to Paintings, sketches and a lovely surprise

  1. Annie says:

    The unexpected gift is doubled in its appreciation! And this one, no doubt, is in recognition not only of your art but also of your sharing and encouragement for us. Another thank you here – and how wonderful, Suhita!

    Liked by 1 person

    • vinadb says:

      Annie, I agree with you that Suhita’s generosity is incomparable, right up there with her artistic talent. She is for these reasons a fabulous teacher and artist.


  2. M. L. Kappa says:

    What a lovely surprise! Congrats, Suhita, it is well deserved. So nice to hear about good things happening occasionally- good fairies do exist after all 🌺🌺🌺

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  3. carolzsmiles says:

    Wow! is there no end to your many talents?!? love that car 🙂 Congrats to you. Definitely well earned.

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  4. joreimer says:

    Very nice! I’ve loved your Vintage Signs sketches and would be first in line for a book or show catalog. Ant chance?


  5. Susan Wilson says:

    Congrats Suhita. I love waking up to your posts, seeing where you have been and watching your kids grow up. A wonderful gift you give to the world. Congratulation on your well deserved award.

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  6. rhodadraws says:

    So pleased to hear of your award! I applaud you!

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  7. Nancy Waldron says:

    Congratulations Suhita. Well deserved. It was great meeting you.

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  8. I love these new paintings, Suhita. Your work is always expressive and superb, but these where the color and form take precedence have a more compelling tone to them.

    As for your grant – congratulations! Very well deserved. Enjoy this wonderful opportunity.


  9. Karen Fabian says:

    Congratulations on the grant Suhita!

    I like your sketches without line quite a bit. The color is more noticeable and I love your car sketches. Good to note Tom Hoffman’s advice on painting cars. As a technical illustrator, it’s ironic I have a mental block about drawing them.


  10. Nancy Cunningham says:

    Excellent news about your grant, and congratulations! Enjoy the projects you do with it.

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  11. Dina says:

    Congratulations – a grant with no strings attached, such a lovely way to start the year.


  12. deb says:

    Bravo to the Belle Foundation…and to you, one of their latest grant recipients.


  13. Congratulations-what a lovely surprise and well-deserved!


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