San Miguel Allende, Part 4

One of my very short side-trips from San Miguel Allende was to Guanajuato. So beautiful, so much color, so much to explore and I spent just one brief afternoon there. Here is a sketch I did around 5pm as the light faded for the day. If only it were summer, I’d have had more light in the day and managed to squeeze in another sketch!


I try drawing later in the day, but it’s especially challenging drawing under halogen street lights. Doesn’t keep me from trying. Here are two women selling handmade dolls in the street, drawn at night.

I met up with a wonderful group of sketchers on what was probably the only grey morning in San Miguel Allende. If you visit the city, contact the Urban Sketchers of San Miguel Allende. They meet every week and also go on some really exciting field trips around the region. I didn’t plan on a demo/talk, but I kinda-sorta did one anyway.

And then we chatted and I sketched the sketchers. This is watercolor first, brushpen next and lots of whites of the paper left as is. I think of this sort of sketching as cafe-people sketching. When you don’t feel any pressure to be exact and even capture resemblances, fun stuff happens. sma16It’s also a great way to dip your toes into people sketching: all shapes and some line to help clarify things. It’s what I’ll be teaching as part of the all-day workshop I’m teaching this summer with Gay Kraeger and Nina Khashchina in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Only a few spaces left and Early Bird pricing ends on the 31st of January.

One last chatting-and-sketching page, of the beautiful bougainvillea. Not much of a sketch, but it takes me back to the colors of San Miguel Allende, even on a grey day.

One very last post from San Miguel Allende, coming up next week.

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2 Responses to San Miguel Allende, Part 4

  1. Erik L Madsen says:

    You are digging San Miguel de Allende the way I would be too,
    If I were there! Full of exuberance, excitement, colors galore…wow!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Suma CM says:

    Love these loose portraits!


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