Every year I’m excited about a fruit I never eat. It’s persimmon. I just love drawing and painting it, and when it’s persimmon season, it’s time for Nina Khashchina and me to visit Gay Kraeger. If you’ve been journalling or sketching for any amount of time, you know Gay. She’s taught journalling, both in her studio and online, for over 20 years. You can see lots of her work here on flickr.

Here a few of the persimmon I painted during the 2017 persimmon season…

Persimmon #1 of the year, painted in Gay’s magical studio among the redwoods on a rainy day.

It was persimmon fiesta this year…Another friend and artist  Leanne Hamilton brought me more persimmon. (I particularly Leanne’s current series of seascapes…in fact, I love them so much I bought one of them for myself for my birthday this year).

I painted this series on Stillman and Birn’s sample pack of paper.  And then I took all the persimmon over for a workshop I taught at Arch Art in San Francisco.

I think this one was my favorite of the series…

Oh, and there was one more, on the Black Nova paper, which was fun to play with… in acrylic gouache, this time. Speaking of gouache, it’s a medium I’m really intrigued by. My favorite artists who work in gouache are @ninaapplepine and @marugodas. Know any other sketchers who work in gouache? I’d love to follow their work.

Here are a few more groupings of persimmon, this time in watercolor. This one has some pen and ink and perhaps a tad too much white gouache?

Once in a while I remember to take photos as I work. Here’s one piece in stages. Step 2 to Step 3 is a pretty good representation of how much the color dulls on drying.persimmon2017_7

And another take on that same arrangement, this time with the highlights left out instead of painted in.

These three sketches are from a second trip to Gay’s, when we painted in her daughter’s persimmon orchard. This first piece is in a Laloran sketchbook which has gorgeous watercolor paper.persimmon2017_9

These next two pieces are in the Stillman & Birn Nova book with beige paper.persimmon2017_10
A sketch in gouache, using Nina’s gouache kit.persimmon2017_11
That just might be it for persimmon this year. It’s a short season, but that’s part of what makes it so precious, and why there’s an urgency around painting this gorgeous orange fruit.

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9 Responses to Persimmon

  1. Ruth Kaldor says:

    Heatherihnart on Instagram works in gouache exclusively

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  2. These are really lovely. The aqua in on the fruit’s leaves the and contrasting blue sky add so much energy and freshness.

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  3. rosjenke says:

    Hehe, I was going to say Heather as well. She’s great. Also Mike Hernandez, Peter Chan, and a lot of the Warrior Painters on IG use gouache. Love your last little one.

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  4. Bernadette says:

    Lucious color and freedom of strokes. The orange on blue is my favorite combination. Thanks for sharing.

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  5. Lucky Persimmons!! They get so much attention for the not so obvious qualities..

    Do check out the gouache sketches by James Gurney.. his blog is fun and equally educational..


  6. Lucky Persimmons!! They get so much attention 🙂

    You should check out the sketches by James Gurney.. his sketches are so full of light and in the moment feel.. his blog is fun and super loaded with art info..


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