El Mac in San Jose

San Jose has a new mural by the artist El Mac. You might know him by his large scale work in Montreal, in Vietnam, and many, many other places in the world

It was pretty special to hear him talk about his process and what is important to him and his art. So many gems in my 2 pages of notes from his talk at the San Jose Museum of Art.

I went down to the Children’s Discovery Museum one day to watch him work on his piece. You can see I struggled with proportions and distortion just trying to sketch the piece…

Which makes me wonder how it is to actually be up there, painting this gigantic mural so close up! And because my sketch just doesn’t do justice to the magnificence of the piece, here are a few photographs of it.

El Mac spoke in his talk about the importance of working from life and what it brings to his work.  I quote him when I say “It’s the foundation of everything. It’s difficult, it’s fun. It’s fulfilling.“. Here’s a link to his work in sketchbooks that I’ve saved to look at again and again.

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4 Responses to El Mac in San Jose

  1. Thanks for sharing this with us. Montrealers (at least in my circle) have all been wondering who did the mural of Leonard Cohen that is visible from far and wide in the city. Now we know. (Of course I could have googled it to find out but it’s much more fun to read it on your blog.) Thanks for sharing the link to his sketches too. You can certainly see how those curved lines in his mural develop from the sketches. I will have to take a closer look at the one in Montreal, but I am not as lucky as you to see him actually working on a piece.


    • The piece in Montreal is truly gigantic, isn’t it? I watched what he did for a while but I really don’t understand how he has any idea of what he’s doing, given the scale of the work and how close he is to a very, very small piece of it.


      • Yes, it is really gigantic. It’s the whole side of a huge building. My son was at the lookout on the mountain and he could see it from there. Apparently it covers 1000 square meters!


  2. vinadb says:

    amazing pencil sketches. this guy is brilliant, seeming to observe and love every line…


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