Sketch Tour Portugal: Surf Edition VI

And just like that, we were at Day 6, our last day of Sketch Tour Portugal, Surf Edition.

White sand and fishermen’s sheds. Surf, of course! One of many surf beaches dotting the coast in Comporta.Sketchtour_portugal_suhita_book2_comporto.jpg

Smaller and calmer seas here. Perfect for a surf vacation for the whole family. This family is done for today and heads back up the beach, each with their own surfboard-carrying styles.Sketchtour_portugal_suhita_book2_14CC

Waiting for the ferry that takes us back towards Lisbon. How do you know when your sketch is done? When the ferry docks and cars start rolling in.

Our very last beach stop is Praia de Carcavelos, Lisbon’s own beach. You can tell that the words gotten out: the surf is good today and in the early evening, people from the city start arriving for some quality beach-time at the end of their day. These surfers are taking a break before they head out to sea again.

I wander off the main beach to this pier full of fisherman. I love this sort of sketching: places off the main drag, where I can watch people deeply engaged in an activity.


The sun is starting to set. Time to wrap up the day and head back home. I felt just like that guy with the red surfboard: lucky to have had a wonderful time, and just a wee bit sad it was all done.


And it’s a wrap for Sketch Tour Portugal:Surf Edition. This is Pedro Freitas our videographer interviewing João Catarino before we head back to Lisbon. Sketchtour_portugal_suhita_book2_19CC

Many, many thanks to everyone involved in making this such a memorable experience.  And thank you for following along on this adventure. Are you planning that trip to Portugal yet?

Here are Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 ,Day 4  and Day 5 of Sketch Tour Portugal.

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4 Responses to Sketch Tour Portugal: Surf Edition VI

  1. Your aquarelles are superb. Great works (take a look at my much more simplier artworks


  2. Patricia Feely says:

    They are all so good, such lively color. Do you use a waterbrush for all your sketches. Love the palette and gentle washes..What a fabulous assignment, and surfing is so cool..

    Liked by 1 person

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