Happy 10th, Urban Sketchers!

On Saturday, Urban Sketchers celebrated it’s 10th anniversary with a 24 hour sketchwalk. I couldn’t join my local group as they sketched in San Francisco on Union Square. But I did some quick sketches that day on a weekend away with family and friends.

Waking up to a quiet morning , somewhere near Paso Robles, I painted this just as the sun started to cut through the fog.

Two more sketches from that afternoon, both made while wine-tasting.



Happy 10th Anniversary to my Urban Sketchers family: Sketchers near and far that share one mission. Your freely sharing what you do and know and your constant encouragement  and feedback are priceless.

And a huge, huge thank you to Gabi Campanario for dreaming up this group, setting it up, nurturing it, and keeping it growing. And for all that it has brought to so many of us!

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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3 Responses to Happy 10th, Urban Sketchers!

  1. Kirk says:

    Really liked the first sketch. Catches the feeling of the fog.

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  2. miatagrrl says:

    Happy 10th anniversary, Suhita! I, too, am so grateful for everything USk has given me. What an incredible community!

    – Tina

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