Inktober 2017: One final post

One last #inktober post, after a 10 days break from inking: I took my inking supplies along but managed no inked sketches in Portugal (more on that adventure next). So here are sketches from the last few days.

Walter, again. Because, why not?

And a sketch on the first page of my Laloran sketchbook. This is my daughter getting a much-needed haircut. The grey is a waterbrush filled with dilute ink. The black, a brushpen. The thinnest lines are my Sailor Bent Nib pen.

Construction crew in iron oxide ink. All in dip pen: bamboo, glass and metal pens.

And wrapping up on the 31st with this last strange self portrait. Noodlers ink.

How did your Inktober go? I loved following some fantastic work through the month on instagram. If you don’t know and follow them already, here are some favorites from inktober:


It’s been an interesting Inktober for me. I didn’t ink enough to see any changes in my work or feel more familiar with my tools. But I did pull out my dip pens, metal, glass and bamboo, and use them, which is nice. I’m also happy that I came back and picked up and finished off inktober with a few sketches even though I missed 10 whole days. Too often it’s an all-or-nothing kinda thing for me. I feel like I have to do the whole thing, every single day… But 20 inktober sketches instead of 30 is 20 more than zero, right?

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obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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10 Responses to Inktober 2017: One final post

  1. You did some great sketches this month Suhita, and I love the hair cut one you posted above! I had so many distractions this month. Fires, new puppy, you name it! Though I did more sketches this month than I usually do (I have more yet to post) I didn’t get to do one every day. But I didn’t want to stress over it too much, this is suppose to be a fun, learning experience!

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  2. You did great considering travel, kids, etc.. i didnt post every day, but tried.. Hope to see you soon, Hey, say hi to Walter for me!!


  3. miatagrrl says:

    Congrats on all you did! I did one every day, but that’s because I had very low standards — I spent no more than 15 minutes on each!

    – Tina


  4. plaidbowties says:

    I love seeing Walter ahaha! These are absolutely fantastic. I also took some small breaks during inktober but I got many done and I’m proud of my progress. Keep posting!


  5. Dianne Lanning says:

    First, I always perk up when I see I’ve rec’d another email of your drawings! In this one you mentioned using a glass pen. how do like using them? I’ve been itching to try one because they are so beautiful, but how are they for sketching and drawing?


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