Surprising Santa Fe: Flamenco?

I didn’t expect to be at a flamenco performance in Santa Fe, but on one rainy day of museum-hopping we found El Flamenco. And what a treat it was.

Besides the fabulous performances, El Flamenco has a community outreach program and is part of the local school Arts Program.  Flamenco performances are so intense, there were long periods that I simply forgot to sketch and just watched… still , I ended up with this in my sketchbook…


Gesture drawings and brushpen are just made for each other. And a Pentel Arts Pocket brushpen is an $11 pen that will last forever.( I refill the cartridge with DeAtramentis Document ink almost every day when I’m using it: brushpens drink up a lot of ink!)

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7 Responses to Surprising Santa Fe: Flamenco?

  1. Bernadette says:

    Wonderful, wonderful and again wonderful. These sketches are so full of life, spirit and joy. They are simply wonderful!

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  2. Margaret says:

    Please explain how you refill the Pental brush pen yourself. I wasn’t aware that it had refillable cartridges


  3. Laurie Householder says:

    For your brush pen, do you refill the cartridges that came with the pen? If so, what do you actually use to transfer the ink and do you have to be careful since its waterproof ink to use the pen frequently ? I look forward to your posts. The are always full of life and I love your colors. Laurie


    • Laurie, I use DeAtramentis Document ink which has this wonderful property of being waterproof when dry, but even more amazingly, it doesn’t clog in my pens: Carbon Platinum ink is another one like that. Those two inks are the only ones I use in my pens. That said, there’s rarely a time 2 or 3 days go by and my pens aren’t used so they’re in pretty frequent use…


  4. Hara Harding says:

    I still don’t understand how you transfer ink from a bottle to a cartridge! There must be some part of the process that I missed somehow, a converter perhaps? Thanks.


    • Hara, some of my pens have converters, but I find their capacity too small: i use a very wet pen and can drain a converter in a day.
      So I just refill my cartridges ( yes the disposable ones) with ink using a syringe. I buy my syringes at but you can get them many places…


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