Inktober 2017, Part 2

Week 2 of #inktober was pretty patchy. A few quick sketches, a lot of them of Walter the skull. (more on that later it the post)

Here’s my son, reading a new book.

And my daughter, doing her homework. Ink and Inktense Pencils.

More portraits from the week.



One last summer tomato got recorded in my sketchbook. This granular black ink is Noodler’s ink.

And then there are lots and lots of sketches of Walter.




You might notice a lot of both the skulls and the violet ink. It’s a bit repetitive and boring, I know. But I’m doing it anyways, and here’s why:

October a super busy month this year: lots of work deadlines and travel. I’ll be posting my sketches from Santa Fe over this week and next, but I’ll also be away traveling again on a super-exciting assignment. I figured the most important part of inktober was to practice inking more. While it would have been lovely to choose and explore more diverse subjects , having my purple ink and this skull on my work table means I can do a quick study in the time I would agonize over “What should I draw? And what ink should I draw it in?

How has your inktober been? Are you following prompts? Working on anything in particular (besides inking skills)? Keeping it loose? Setting up additional challenges for yourself?? I’d love to know.

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obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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6 Responses to Inktober 2017, Part 2

  1. Sharon Stover says:

    Greetings from Chico. Best wishes to you and the kids. As a sketching toddler I’m using Inktober to try and express an idea/message with a few simple lines within 4 minutes. It has been fun for me to participate without the pressure of completing a complicated sketch each day. Sharon
    PS: pleased to meet you Walter:-)


  2. The ink washes add so much dimension, making the art buzz with life.


  3. miatagrrl says:

    You’ve inspired me to find my own “Walter” — something that is challenging enough that I can sketch it regularly without getting bored, and more important, so I won’t have to gnash my teeth looking for something new to draw. My Inktober goal is to work on my hatching, and halfway through the month, I feel like I am finally getting in the flow with it. It’s good to have a straightforward goal like this, but for a limited time — otherwise I probably wouldn’t practice hatching, even though I want to improve.

    – Tina

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  4. wallsonwheelsproject says:

    Hello Suhita,

    I’ve been following you for a few weeks now and I really like your blog. I love your sketches.
    Thanks to you, I discovered the Inktober. It was last day of September so I didn’t have time to …anything, actually.
    I did a couple of inks but because I started oil in September and I don’t have an atelier, I postponed the challenge to next year. Hopefully by then, I’ll have enough room to work ink the way I want. Plus, in between, I have found my sort of Walter. Very happy. Yours is lovely. Keep cheering us up and have a nice trip.


  5. akcb says:

    Hi Suhita, I was wondering which Noodler’s ink you used for the tomato? And also do you primarily use a brush for your linework (I’m looking specifically at the drawing with many faces)? I love the ink choice. Scabiosa?


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