Grace Cathedral

Laurie Wigham arranged a wonderful sketchcrawl in San Francisco a couple of weeks ago. Jane Blundell and Liz Steel were both in San Francisco that day and it was a wonderful way for San Francisco Bay Area Sketchers to sketch with our usk friends that live just a short hop away across the Pacific. And we had Shiho Nakaza join us from Los Angeles for the weekend too!

We started at Grace Cathedral. Facing the huge rose window, I wanted to capture that feeling that I’d end up with a crick in my neck if I looked up at those vaulted ceilings.

One more sketch inside, this time looking across from one side of the church to the other, admiring the stained glass.

My kids sketched with me that day, which is always fun. One drew the rose window, the other a complicated view of the labyrinth on the floor , with the stained glass throwing colors onto it.

One more quick sketch of the view outside the church, looking towards a street so steep it very suddenly disappears from your view. Can’t call it much of a sketch except that I enjoyed doing that zebra crossing.

Later that afternoon, many of us gathered at Lafayette Park for a little picnic (and more sketching, of course).sfo

Here’s my sketch of that view.

And then it was evening, and that gloriously warm day in San Francisco suddenly turned blustery and cold, so we packed up and headed home.

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5 Responses to Grace Cathedral

  1. sirithiri says:

    Your work is always stunning, full of perfect color and always a “living” energy! I love your blog and your details of place and process…thanks a million..


  2. barbganias says:

    Beautiful sketches of a beautiful place.


  3. So wonderful that your kids went sketching with you!


  4. kimbidraws says:

    That zebra crossing looked really fun indeed!


  5. Terry McEntee says:

    Thanks for a walking tour of my city while I am here in Rhode Island. Lovely drawings..


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