A half day of sketching in Berkeley with Cathy and Liz. Cathy took us to see buildings by famous architects, including this Arts and Crafts building by Maybeck . With deep overhangs and roofs at so many levels the structure was quite a challenge to draw!berkeley1

I skipped the next few buildings we stopped at- (but you can see that Liz sketched them all- check out this video)

Then there was this wonderful, gnarled (and perhaps dead tree) that I really liked. Cathy called it Obata’s Tree because Chiura Obata made a sketch of it. Sketched in one of my current favorite mediums, water-soluble graphite. Love my little ArtGraf tin. The greys are silvery and soft and you never get a true black (which is great for me since I can work to an opaque, dark color too quickly in a sketch). I’ve been noticing I draw trees a lot more after I did Shari Blaukopf’s Trees in the City workshop in Chicago. Also used in this piece: some Quin Gold watercolor, white gouache and black ink in a brushpen.

This last sketch was made at the end of the day, just outside the Bart station. Musicians are the best to sketch.

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9 Responses to Berkeley

  1. Love the architect, love your watercolor! One of the best Maybeck drawings I’ve ever seen.


  2. Sharon Stover (Chico) says:



  3. rhodadraws says:

    YES, musicians are great subjects!
    I love the way you did the bicycle…detail in front, fading out to a few watercolor strokes in back.


  4. Cathy mcauliffe says:

    Suhita come back anytime, I’ll come up with another tour!


  5. The Maybeck building looks like it’s holding up the sky. And what a gorgeous sky! The trumpeter is outstanding.


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