It’s (almost) Inktober time again…


If the word Inktober draws a blank with you, click here to read more about it.

Are you participating? Did you try doing this challenge before? Will you be doing it this year? Is this your first time? 

If you, like me, tried doing it before but didn’t get too far, maybe this is a good year to try again? ( I’ve tried a few times and never gotten too far except last year, when I ended up pretty exhausted but with a lot of ink work over the month) At the end of the month, I wrote a post titled “What I learnt from Inktober” with some of my thoughts on what it took to keep at it and what I learnt from it. (Also, there’s lots of images of the sketches I did)

So will I do it again this year?

The answer is: I think so. I’m traveling much of October, which will make it harder to fit in an ink drawing every day. I think I will still try to do as many ink drawings as I can without being super-strict about it: If I miss some days, I won’t scurry to make them up by squeezing in more on another day.

Some things I’m going to try and do (and not do):
I won’t be using the prompts.  They’d get in the way of my doing the challenge. I prefer to focus on just inking skills by drawing anything I fancy that day.
I won’t be buying any new inks or supplies to work with.
I will try and use tools I own but don’t use often enough: like my dip pens, glass nib and brushes pictured above. Oh, and my brushpen, of course.

Other than that, anything goes as long as there’s ink involved. And I’ll try and post a collection of sketches every week or so. If you’re doing the challenge, post a link to where you’ll be posting in the comments and I’d love to check what you do over the month. Hashtags for the challenge are:  #inktober and #inktober2017

Starting this Sunday, Happy Inktober!

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