Art of India: Drawing and Coloring Book

I finally have copies of this book available for sale.  Art of India is a drawing and coloring book I worked on over the last few years. Written by my sister, Suhag Shirodkar and illustrated by me.


Here’s what Amazon has to say about the book:
This delightful coloring book introduces young readers to the art of India, which can be found everywhere from monuments and textiles, to sidewalks, vehicles, movies, and objects of everyday use.

With 34 attractive illustrations, the book takes the reader through a broad spectrum of visual arts, from seals of the Indus Valley civilization, embroidery, folk and performing arts, murals, monuments, mehendi, and movies, to objects of everyday use. This excellent book will ensure ample inspiration for curious young minds (and some older ones too!).

Here is a peek at some pages from the book:
art_of_india_coloring_book-sm2The book is more than just a coloring book: it combines short descriptions of many art forms with pages to color. Most pages are partially colored to give you a feel for what the original art looks like. You get to color the page using whatever colors suit your fancy, or you can imagine what the artwork would look based on the short text that goes with each spread.

Some pages like this one below, go a step further with you drawing in and completing these masks.

You can get even more adventurous and imagine and draw in more of scenes like the one below before you color them.

If you enjoy images of work-in-progress, here’s a couple of photos of me working on some pieces. I first created line-drawings designed by studying examples of each art form. I then colored parts of the pieces in watercolor layered over with colored pencil.

This piece below is inspired by Pichhwai (painted temple cloths) from the state of Rajasthan.


Below are my reference photos and piece-in-progress. This artwork is based on the intricate stone-inlay work that embellishes the Taj Mahal.

If you buy the book here at my Etsy store, it comes signed by the author and illustrator. If you’d like a custom message added to the book before it ships, feel free to send it in via the comments section when you buy it.

About Suhita Shirodkar

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10 Responses to Art of India: Drawing and Coloring Book

  1. rhodadraws says:

    Gorgeous! Congratulations to you and your sister!


  2. Kirk Whiteside says:

    Congratulations! I am a fan of your work and read your oposts as soon as they arrive.


  3. Nancy Bardos says:

    BEAUTIFUL! And so much more than a coloring book. You two are a great team. Congratulations!


  4. This looks terrific, Suhita – congrats!


  5. Deepali says:

    Is the book available at local stores like crossword/ bargain lookout?What’s the colouring material suitable for the paper quality?


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