A big week of sketching at ‘home’

Sketching near home is always a challenge for me. It’s harder to see the world through fresh eyes when you are in your everyday surroundings. And that’s when it’s lovely to have an urban sketcher from out of town visit and sketch with you. And when that sketcher is your good friend, Liz Steel, someone you always look forward to sketching and talking art with , it’s doubly wonderful and inspiring.

We started our afternoon of sketching soon after Liz got off her flight from Sydney and kept sketching through the day. Here are my sketches from downtown Los Gatos.

We had to sketch a vintage sign.downtownLG2

Here we are sitting on the sidewalk in Los Gatos sketching that sign. A photographer for the Los Gatos Weekly Times took some photos of us drawing. (If you receive this paper and find that photo of us in the paper, let me know.)

One more sketch of a lovely home in Los Gatos.

And all that is just a half day of sketching with a lot of chatting throw in. Day 2, coming up next…

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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