Eclipse 2017

We had only a partial solar eclipse .
Screen Shot 2017-08-21 at 1.23.13 PM

But what a sight it was! Here are some impressions of what it felt like to see our small moon swallow up the sun. Some are more literal and some are not.

It made me think of the last solar eclipse I viewed. Bombay, February 1980. I was 8. A total eclipse passed through India but not through Bombay where I lived. Just like in San Jose today, we experienced a partial eclipse. My sister built a pinhole device to view the sun. I thought she was so clever to project the sun on the floor.

It was magical for an 8 year old. Today was just as magical.

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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8 Responses to Eclipse 2017

  1. You’re north of me about 350 miles – it remained bright and sunny down here but it was still fun to watch the moon wheel across the sun, covering about 2/3. No darkening at all, though. Your sketches are very dramatic.


  2. I set up my iPad in my studio and watched the eclipse live from 5 states


  3. Purelifephotoss says:

    Great post. I was only able to see a partial eclipse as well but I thought it was great. The next one is in 2024! I watched a livestream and saw it go across the country, go out to take pictures at its peak!


  4. Bernadette says:

    I too was able to see a partial eclipse here in ohio. My husband, son and granddaughter went to our Science Museum where we viewed the eclipse as it traveled across America. We were given glasses so we could watch the spectacular occurrence overhead at 1:50pm. It was a wonderful scene to be a part of the crowd who gathered.
    Your watercolors are magnificent and capture the essence of the days events.
    Thank you for sharing.

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  5. Kaye B says:

    Very very beautifu


  6. jedi dad says:

    This is amazing.


  7. David says:

    Great artistic interpretation of the eclipse.


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