Usk Chicago 2017 Part 7: One final sketchcrawl

Sketches from the last sketchcrawl in Grant Park. I stayed close to the John Logan Statue since I knew we had to meet there for one final photo. Here’s that statue, sketched from the north, sitting by myself in the park, enjoying a bit of quiet, surrounded by other sketchers sketching away.

And then I walked to the base of that hillock and sketched the view looking northwards: a scene scattered with sketchers, trees and tall buildings in the distance.

Here we all are, on that hillside, for one final photo!

With one final evening celebrating the end of another fantastic symposium and the announcement of the venue of the next one, it was a wrap!

See the guy holding the yellow pencil in the photo below? That’s Nélson Paciência, representing Porto, venue for next year’s symposium. For dates, stay tuned by signing up to receive the USk newsletter or following the blog. With Nelson in that photo are representatives from every past team that hosted a Symposium. Thank you to every one of them for the incredible experiences and memories they create for us. And for making our world a smaller place.

The Symposium ended but I stayed another couple of days: to meet with friends, to sketch, to see the amazing Art Institute, and take an Architectural Boat tour. Which means there’s one more post of sketches from Chicago still coming up.

Posts #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 , in case you missed them.




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7 Responses to Usk Chicago 2017 Part 7: One final sketchcrawl

  1. Fabulous experience. Not sure I could walk and sketch at the same time – I really admire your skill – and your amazing art skill as well.
    Where’s Porto?


  2. I am going to try and arrive early for the Porto Symp. I have many shows in July and Aug, but as long as I am there… Chicago was fantastic, loved meeting the artists I have been following.. And the workshops and demos were great, very well organized. Your demo was wonderful, even 30 minutes I learned allot! See you soon!


  3. CBreen says:

    Love ALL of your sketches. Would you share what paint colours are in your palette? They are always both warm and lively.


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