Usk Chicago 2017 Part 6: Public Art

Yes there’s The Bean, that most famous piece of public art in downtown Chicago. But that wasn’t my favorite piece. I loved Crown Fountain, (but I really think it should have been named The Spitting Fountain) It’s an interesting piece where imposing brick towers, water, kids and irreverent faces that seem to spit out the water come together for hours of fun and interaction. Here’s my take on that piece.
In Chicago you quickly learn not to try and draw everything into your sketches. Want to focus on the kids and sculpture? Just hint at the tall buildings in the distance and keep the focus in the foreground…
The other piece I sketched was Calder’s Flamingo, a huge piece in Federal Plaza painted-what else- Calder Red.
Almost as interesting to me as the sculpture is the building behind it and all the colors and reflections in it. And I think you can see in this piece that I had a hard time deciding which one to focus on.

If you missed them, here are links to posts #1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 from Chicago.

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6 Responses to Usk Chicago 2017 Part 6: Public Art

  1. Those are Great paintings!

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  2. You did a great job of letting the sculptures take center stage in your paintings.

    The bean is odd but also fascinating. I don’t know how it could be painted because it’s the images reflected in it that make the sculpture so unique.

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  3. miatagrrl says:

    These 2 were among my favorites, too — the Calder especially! So huge and magnificent where it is placed.

    – Tina

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