Kauai: The ocean and the sky

One last Kauai post. Oceans and skies. So hard to capture, but such a great challenge. If you look at the early posts with sketches from Day 1, you’ll see a timid, pretty ocean. But its’ never like that in Kauai. The oceans are alive and ever-changing in color. The skies have rain clouds gathering, even on the sunniest days and the trees are always blowing in the trade winds.

Here are my many second-half-of-the-trip attempts at the beach and beach life. You can see more and more sand make it to the page as I work through the week.







Here’s what my palette looked like at the end of 6 days.

I’m switching many of those blues out for more neutrals to take this palette to Chicago next week. And I’m trying to get most of the sand out too.

Here are all the other Kauai posts:

Part 1: Kauai, First Impressions
Part 2: Kauai in black and white
Part 3: Kauai: the little stuff in between
Part 4: Kauai: Flora and Fauna

That’s it from Kauai. Mahalo!


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15 Responses to Kauai: The ocean and the sky

  1. Doesn’t the sand help with “granulation”? Hahaha see you in Chicago!


  2. Wonderful art from Kauai! Lively and energetic. Love the palette but it looks like you might have to clear out the beach you took with you.


  3. Bill Pepper says:

    what are neutrals?


  4. Robin says:

    Love the work! Do you draw first then paint or the other way around? Love the looseness!


    • Robin, I don’t have a strict strategy for this:sometimes it’s line first, sometimes color. Generally, if there’s moving figures involved I like to get a quick capture in with line but I try to keep it loose.


  5. Bernadette says:

    Wonderful, wonderful, beautiful works of paint and water. I am inspired to get outdoors today and paint. Thanks for your posts.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Susan Wilson says:

    You can surely feel the water, Great paintings.


  7. Kirk says:

    Have fun in Chicago! I am looking forward to your Chicago postings. I am a big fan of your blog. Have fun and Happy Sketching!


  8. Lovely work as always!


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