Kauai: the little stuff in between

Little sketches that don’t really fit any big themes.

People on vacation.  Lots of flowered dresses and plumeria, real and fake, tucked behind ears.

See those phone numbers at the bottom of the sketch above? They’re numbers for doctors. My daughter got sick. An ear infection.

Hula dancers at a Luau. Yes, totally touristy. But we knew that before we signed up to go.


And more chickens. I loved all the wild chickens on the island.

More Kauai sketches coming up tomorrow.

And here are the previous Kauai posts:

Part 1: Kauai, First Impressions

Part 2: Kauai in black and white

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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1 Response to Kauai: the little stuff in between

  1. It’s not Hawaii – or Kauai – if people aren’t trying to pretend they just crawled off a Gauguin painting. And what’s the harm in that?


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