Looking back on my week

Some vignettes from my week to wrap it up.

Going to a swim meet with the kids means I do at least one sketch. This one is by the side of the pool. Heats, timings and results are printed and clipped onto these big green boards. Kids and parents come and peer at them. The glare by the pool is something else.

Now that I’ve been drawing signs for a while, I notice them everywhere. While the sign for Rasputin’s isn’t vintage, it’s too fun to not sketch.

We’ve had a heatwave this week. This is my daughter and cat, collapsed on the floor on Monday when San Jose hit 105.

Hope your weekend is lovely. Happy Friday!

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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6 Responses to Looking back on my week

  1. Vina Breyfogle says:

    Suhita, yes, it was quite a heatwave. The drawing of yr cat and daughter captures it! I find it so difficult to draw a person upside down, all our norms are not available.

    Thanks for your generosity to post your captures of yr life.


    • Vina, you are most welcome! Drawing upside down is fun. it’s all contours, so you let go of all your preconceived ideas of ‘head’, ‘leg’, ‘torso’,… that kind of thing. Also, I have no expectations of a drawing like that. which is always a good place to be working from it frees you up. Also, I had only 10 minutes. No time to think 🙂


  2. Your sketches are great as always – hoping not to get temps of 105 – ugh! Way too hot.


  3. j1944 says:

    your watercolors are amazing and inspiring.


  4. Lovely work as always!


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