Urban Sketches in the White House!

Look, urban sketches in the White House! Last year, House of Cards bought usage rights to these two pieces.  And while I was binge-watching season 5 of the show this weekend, there they were. I particularly loved how well the Palacio de Bellas Artes piece showed up in Doug Stamper’s office. I sketched that in Mexico City ( wish I’d gone inside the building, it is a gorgeous Art Deco building!) from the top of the nearby Torre Latinoamericana building.


And then, a little while later ( and a bit fuzzier ) was the more recognizable Chichen Itza sketch, from a different trip to the Yucatan Peninsula.

I guess it shouldn’t be a total surprise to see the pieces but I’d been told that so much of what’s shot ends up on the cutting room floor that I’d be lucky to spot my piece on screen.

I just LOVE Mexico. So much color, so much life, so to see, draw, eat…

Here are all the sketches from that first trip to Mexico City in 2011.
And here are the sketches from the trip to the Yucatan peninsula in 2015.

Prints of both pieces are in my Etsy Shop.

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20 Responses to Urban Sketches in the White House!

  1. nsgoldberg says:

    Congrats…that is so cool! Nancy


  2. Congrats! How did they find you?


  3. Kathleen says:

    What a wonderful recognition of your talent! Congratulations! 🎈🎉🎊


  4. pattyanneart says:

    Wow, that’s so cool! Congrats, Suhita!!


  5. That’s so cool! I saw that sketch in Dougs office last night and though, wow, looks like an urban sketch of some kind! Very cool that it is yours! Know that all of watercolor/sketchers will all note it on the wall, no matter how little time it us on screen. Congrats!


  6. Ethna Gallacher says:

    So great to see these Suhita….and I’m a big fan of HOC….I’m wondering why Doug Stamper has these on his office wall….did he have some connection with Mexico?…I know he went to New Mexico to look for Rachel …..?


    • Ethna, I don’t think it’s plot-related. I think someone who designs sets thought it might be funny in the current political climate, if the White House offices had art from mexico on their walls.


      • Ethna Gallacher says:

        What a hoot!….great to imagine that the set designer has a subtle sense of the ridiculous!


  7. Nancy Cunningham says:

    Suhita: Have you ever led a sketching trip to Mexico? I love Mexico and would be quick to sign up for a 7 day class in your favorite area. Nancy in Savannah GA


    • Nancy, you read my mind! As I was posting these pieces, I was just thinking what a great sketching trip it would be: a week in Mexico City, sketching through the museums and the sights ( and the food!). Or then my most favorite place I’ve been to in Mexico: Oaxaca…


  8. bmweeks says:

    How exciting!


  9. Laura Gilmore says:

    Congratulations! How thrilling to see your work decorating the set of such a great show!


  10. Sonia Tamez says:

    This is great that your art is in the series ( I love) And in an alternative universe there is art showing Mexico in the WH Chief of Staff’s office.


  11. suzanne tractenberg says:

    Wow! How exciting! Congratulations!! Suzanne in San Diego

    Sent from my iPad



  12. What a wonderful honor, and so very well deserved!


  13. Margaret Hunt says:

    So cool!! Congratulations. Guess I am going to have to watch it now!


  14. Always love the loose linework, splashy colors, and animated people of your sketches. I think the folks at HOC made a nice decision to use your work (and congrats for nabbing a nice client like that!)


  15. Congratulations! You and your art certainly travel.


  16. Genie Geer says:

    How very cool!!! I’m really impressed!


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