Take a hike, Mr. President

I’m posting some sketches of beautiful places on our planet. National Parks and other wild and beautiful places. Places you might recognize and places you might not.

And I’m hashtagging them #TakeAHikeMrPresident . It’s a request to one man to do himself a favor and take a hike. Because I believe it can be that simple. Take a hike. Out in nature. And you will know why the Paris Accord and protecting the environment is so important.




Is the Accord perfect? No, it’s too small a step, but it’s a step in the right direction.

But this is just a social media campaign, right? Maybe, but think about it, my social media stream will beautiful. Yours can be too. And pictures say things I can’t say in words.

Minds and hearts can change. If only they would take a hike.

Join me? Post photographs, quotes, paintings, anything that celebrates our natural world. And share. Because our natural world is a treasure to enjoy but not take for granted.

I’ll be posting here:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TravelSketches/
Instagram: @suhitasketch
Twitter: suhita_sketch


About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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26 Responses to Take a hike, Mr. President

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  2. Mairead Madden Simmer says:

    Keep your political view to yourself if you please.

    From: “Sketch Away: Travels with my sketchbook” <comment-reply@wordpress.com> Reply-To: “Sketch Away: Travels with my sketchbook” <comment+e6b1mhhmwzc7qyhlpq_yemxe@comment.wordpress.com> Date: Thursday, June 1, 2017 at 5:48 PM To: “Mairead G. Madden” <maireadm@msn.com> Subject: [New post] Take a hike, Mr. President

    Suhita Shirodkar posted: “I’m posting some sketches of beautiful places on our planet. National Parks and other wild and beautiful places. Places you might recognize and places you might not. And I’m hashtagging them #TakeAHikeMrPresident . It’s a request to one man to do himself”


  3. sonomaart says:

    Love it!


    *Margie Maynard* Director of Education and Engagement

    *SONOMA VALLEY MUSEUM OF ART* 551 Broadway, Sonoma, CA 95476 P 707-939-7862, x.13 | E mmaynard@svma.org | http://www.svma.org

    On view: April 15–June 18, 2017 *Memory and Resistance: The Work of Joseph DeLappe*

    On Thu, Jun 1, 2017 at 5:47 PM, Sketch Away: Travels with my sketchbook wrote:

    > Suhita Shirodkar posted: “I’m posting some sketches of beautiful places on > our planet. National Parks and other wild and beautiful places. Places you > might recognize and places you might not. And I’m hashtagging > them #TakeAHikeMrPresident . It’s a request to one man to do himself” >

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    • Thanks Margie. That means a lot. As of right now, someone has reported the #takeahikemrpresident tag on instagram, but I’m hoping we can flood the web with wonderful suggestions on beautiful places to take a hike.


  4. Ingrid Lacis says:

    This is an Urban Sketcher I have followed for year…great, huh!?!? 🌼🌺🌸




    • Still an urban sketcher, and an artist, Ingrid. We differ in how we view the world, ( do we, I can’t tell from your comment). But that’s all. A passion for art, we still share, I hope.


  5. Mary McLaughlin says:

    Suhita – Not only do I love your paintings but I’m so happy with your entire post today – you bring hope to my heart along with your beautiful work. Thank you for your courage to speak out for our precious planet and do it in such an artful and gracious way. And thank you for the invitation to the rest of us to join you……….Mary

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  6. 28pwilson says:

    Suhita this is a great idea! As were the postcards. You have given your blog readers ideas how to post POSITIVE suggestions in the form of art. We can’t stick our heads in the sand, or look the other way when our planet is involved. Thank you for being a voice with a positive message!

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  7. What a wonderful idea, Suhita – to show the majesty of our beautiful country. Thank you for your art, your courage, and your suggestion.

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  8. sandra p mac diarmid says:

    brava, Suhita, well done, well said..sharing the things we love, nature, art..wouldnt it be grand if it made a difference..these are difficult times..

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  9. dagmar says:

    Thank you Suhita for your statement. Even and we as artists have the opportunity to reach many people with our art. If the art is to remain even for later generations, we must make our contribution to the preservation of our planet. A great idea and I will gladly share it on my blog.


  10. dinahmow says:

    Than k you, Suhita. You have said it simply and succinctly.


  11. Dana Doran says:

    I’ve totally enjoyed viewing your drawings, and for what I am about to say – apparently anyone who disagrees with your political stance is invited to unfollow your art….so, here it goes – READ THE PARIS ACCORD. It has virtually nothing to do with climate change, what it does is shift the financial burden of any weather related crisis from insurance companies to a fund under the agreement – a fund that is built with US taxpayer money to underwrite disasters in third world countries….it also plans for weather related immigration – which is why so many politicians are trying to tie middle east violence to the weather, instead of radical terrorism. So, look beyond the rhetoric, go to the facts….it is not “settled” and the Paris Accord is a bad deal…..for many many reasons. The deal is about shifting money globally (global control over third world countries) and will make the rich richer, and keep the poor, very poor and dependent. Wake up. Read the accord.

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    • Hi Dana, thank you for expressing your opinion. For the record, I only said unfollowing my blog was an option to the one person who asked me to keep my politics off my blog. I would never say that to anyone who politely disagrees and debates it, as you do.

      I see the agreement as far from perfect. Too small. And I disagree that the US taxpayers are paying for 3rd world disasters. The world is where it is in large part because of the HUGE footprint, for a long, long time, of the first world. It makes sense for the first world to pay more. A lot of that first world in Europe does think it is their obligation to do so.

      Also, I think this pullout is just playing to the base. From a man who cares not one little bit. About any ideals. Not yours, not mine. Not anyones.

      Thanks again for your explanation of how you see the treaty. I’ll be researching some of what you bring up.


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  13. RON Cutrera says:

    You should stick to things you know something about..Did you ever read the Paris Accord? If so, you would know that it is not binding and a bad deal for.the.US. Politics should not be a part of this blog.


    • Ron, thank you for your comment. About the Paris Accord: I agree with much of it, and think it doesn’t go far enough in many parts. I also think it is far for perfect. And I understand that accords are non-binding. Nothing illegal in not sticking with it, I understand.
      About what I post about on my blog: I fully disagree with you here. I can (and will) post things I feel strongly about. Like my art, my opinions are far from perfect, and my own. But when I feel strongly (About art. About life, About policy. ) , I post it here. My own guideline (not rule, and non-binding) to myself is that it must somehow connect to my art. And in my opinion, this post connects the two.


  14. Doug says:

    I loved and agreed with this post!…… Unfortunately, with the polarization of political views, it seems no eyes will be opened, no minds changed….especially the president. Just make sure you use all archival materials, so that after it is gone, at least your art will remain… PS: I love the “immediacy” of your work!


  15. LaLaAllison says:

    Love this post, and your sketches! I hope more people will fall in love with our planet and do all they can to help save it. I find it ridiculously baffling that anyone feels they have the right to come to your blog and tell you what you should or shouldn’t post. I’m glad you are true to yourself. Those of us who love this planet appreciate what you’ve created!


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