Seattle, Part 2 of 2

Workshop demos are hard to do! Catching the action while talking through the process means they’re never my best works, but still, it really helps participants understand what I’m thinking and seeing as I sketch. Here are two demos from Steinbrueck Park near Pike Place Market. In the distance is one of two totem poles, designed by Victor Steinbrueck himself.



I’ve been to Seattle a couple of times before. What really struck me this time is how the tech industry is totally taking over the city: there’s construction everywhere! In the background of the famous Elephant Car Wash rises Amazon City.

Once I was done with my workshop, I had a few hours in the afternoon to sketch with my friends Gail and Stephanie. Post-workshop sketches are a great way to wind down from a day of teaching.

Here is Post Alley.

I had to do atleast a quick sketch of the Public Market Sign.

And just before I left for the airport, a quick sketch of the fountain and Space Needle at Seattle Center.

I wish I could’ve stayed on and sketched a few more days, Seattle in god weather is a sketcher’s dream city.  But it was time to head back to San Jose…


Missed Part 1 of my post form Seattle? It’s here.

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2 Responses to Seattle, Part 2 of 2

  1. Miss Keene says:

    What a treat! Lived in Seattle and area for decades. Elated to see the Pink Elephant still holding forth. Delightful, colorful work and story. Thanks.


  2. I’m constantly inspired by your blog and the life of your art. Thank you for sharing, Suhita.


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