A rather thin sketch week

Some weeks I’m a daily sketcher. Other times, I only end up drawing a couple of days a week. This week was a one-afternoon-of-painting kinda week. Maybe because I’m scurrying to wrap up projects before I take next week off? Hoping for a week of lots of sketching, sunshine and red rock.

But meanwhile, from grey and rainy California, here are my three pieces from one afternoon.

University Art in San Jose is our last independent Art Store in the South Bay. And while I do some of my art supply shopping online, I still go in here regularly. 20ish years doesn’t technically qualify as a vintage sign (for my Vintage Signs of San Jose project)  but I visit this store so often, I wanted to sketch the sign. It’s a hard one to sketch: So straight-lined and stark. University Art store’s sign structure belongs to Standard Brands, a SoCal based paint store that is now gone. What would you call this style of signage and structure? Modernist? Brutalist?

One of my absolute favorite things to draw and paint is electric poles and tangled wires. They’re a beautiful mess.

This guy? He’s called Dealin’ Dollar Dan. He’ll end up on my vintage signs blog too, but he was painted the same afternoon as these other pieces and more than anything, reflects the grey and rainy day. I can never resist adding in stop signs and parking signs to my scenes. They’re recognizable with so little of them drawn and they add much needed pops of color.

No blogposts from me next week, but I’ll be back the week after. Happy Sketching!

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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