Monday roundup

It’s weekly roundup time. This is what a ‘just the usual’ week looks like in sketches.

Some baseball sketches. Right now, I’m at where I’m beginning to see all those interesting weight shift that happen when the pitcher pitches and the batter swings (or not). So much to learn, so far to go (which is always exciting).


After a bunch of quick little studies I wanted to use watercolor.

And then there’s kid sketches. Even with a subject i draw all the time, I can switch up how I draw and make it interesting.

And some figure drawing. I’ve been trying to work more with foreshortening to create drama, with pushing the body forward and backward in space.


Sometimes all I end up saving of these studies is a small cropped square. Like these two.


It’s finally looking sunny in San Jose. The rain’s taking a break and it’s green outside. Time to be out sketching.

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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2 Responses to Monday roundup

  1. Toni Konijn | Cherish Books says:

    Beautiful, Suhita. The variety in your work is amazing.

    What type of pen did you use for the foreshortened sketches? I love the hands. Really lovely!


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