Day 3, #oneweek100people2017

How is your #oneweek100people2017 challenge going? Are you falling behind? Don’t know how you can do those many sketches a day?? Haven’t started yet???

Have you tried gesture sketching yet? I got lucky this morning. This construction crew turned up briefly outside my house to dig up our concrete sidewalk. They are quick and were done in 20  minutes. But I grabbed my book and sketched. Just quick little gesture drawings. The very first one I made looked a bit of a disaster, like something my cats brought in, but luckily it got better after that one and I did a page full of gesture drawings.

The key with small figures where there aren’t many details is to really observe the shape of the figure and how the body carries the weight. And if you’re adding all the color later ( like I did I drew all these in pencil first and then added color), try not to just color inside your lines neatly like a coloring book: it makes the figures look really static.

My second sketch today was at In’n Out burgers. Here it is. How many sketches does this one count as? I’m going with 4, I think. (and if I get to the end of the week and don’t get all my sketches done, I might just count is as 13, 😉 … that’s how many people I’ve hinted at in this composition)

This book ‘The Urban Sketcher’ by Marc Taro Holmes isn’t just about drawing people. Marc draws just about everything, and this book is packed with techniques, tips and tricks. Marc talks the practicalities of drawing on location, and drawing people from life.

That’s day 3 for you. More sketches from today on instagram.

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5 Responses to Day 3, #oneweek100people2017

  1. I have Marc’s book right now!
    yes it is very good. I will be taking his workshop at the USKChicago. I am looking foreard to meeting him and working with him as well as Liz Steel, Lapin, KK and all the others!


  2. jmnowak says:

    The workers look like a dance! 😁


  3. Gabriella says:

    I have requested the book from my local library system. Thanks for the tip. I have seen all these sketches of people and want to give it a try.


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