One week, 100 people: A challenge

Maybe you’ve heard of it already? The ONE WEEK 100 PEOPLE challenge?

Here’s the super-short version:  Marc Taro Holmes and Liz Steel are presenting a one-week-long challenge where you draw 100 people over 5 days. No pressure, not result oriented, just a little game in which you draw and post sketches of people on instagram with the hashtag #OneWeek100People2017.  For more on the challenge including details, ideas and what the idea behind the challenge is, read this post on Liz’ blog or this one on Marc’s.

I love the idea, but was apprehensive about whether I could fit it into my work week, so I gave it a little spin today. On a day packed with work and appointments, how much time could I eek out to sketch? What if it were only at my local coffee shop?  I’d love to do more action-packed stuff but some days I don’t get any further than the coffee shop, and sometimes not even that far… then I’ll just have to draw my kids over and over again).

These pages were done over the day, in little bits. And in the spirit of the challenge, they’re all here, the ones that worked out and the meh ones. Some are gestural figures, some are portraits. Some are of the same people drawn over again and all the pages together took just over an hour to work on.
And the day’s not done yet, so I could squeeze in a few more, I suppose… I think I can make it.

And what if I don’t end up completing it? I’m guessing I’ll still get a substantial amount more drawing done by pushing forward than if I don’t take the challenge. Which is great practice. And practice is everything. Not convinced? Watch this little 5-minute video on how to practice effectively and what practice does for you.


Ready to give it a shot? Lets do it! Use this week to think up some locations, make time in your day next week, sharpen your pencils, throw away the excuses you’re going to come up with to not draw…
Remember, it’s ONE WEEK 100 PEOPLE 2017, March 2017, Monday 6th – Friday 10th.
The goal is practice, not perfection. And hashtag those sketches: #OneWeek100People2017

I’ll post all week on instagram all week long and then do a blogpost here about the experience at the end of it. If you sketch too, maybe we can swap notes and ideas on what we learnt when we’re done?

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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12 Responses to One week, 100 people: A challenge

  1. Oh Man, I want to do this! Any idea how I could add another 4 hours to each day?


  2. I’m doing the challenge from life, but the challenge itself doesn’t specify so, you could still do it at home, at work, at your desk…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Margaret Hunt says:

    Thinking this could be a lot of fun. Just the ticket for vacation from school lol.


  4. rosjenke says:

    I’m in too, but only from photos or Sktchyapp 😉


  5. miatagrrl says:

    I’m in, too! 🙂 My plan so far is to hit a coffee shop one or two days, and go to life drawing one day. If I”m in a serious time crunch, there’s always the mirror and selfies!

    – Tina


  6. This challenge is perfect for you, Suhita. And you are off to great start.


  7. Kirk says:

    Thanks for the TED video!


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