Last bits from Pune: India 2017

It’s always sad to post the last sketches from a trip. Kinda feels like the trip is coming to an end, all over again. (I have been back from India since the middle of January 2017, but it’s taken me this long to get to blogging it all)

This is from one last day in Pune, on my way back to Bombay to catch my flight back to San Francisco. I met up with the Pune Urban Sketchers. They’re an amazing bunch of artist the friendliest of people. Thank you Sanjeev Joshi for organizing this!

Here is my quick little sketch at Pune University. It’s a gorgeous campus and there were  the last traces of the morning mist when we sketched.

Later that day Nilima took me to the beautiful Pataleshwar rock-cut temple because it has a fantastic tree outside it. I love when friends know what I do and then find me interesting places to draw. I started on a sketch but was quickly told not to sketch there. Silly me, for not taking my own advice: I’d heard of this “sketching ban” in India ( read more about it at the link that follows, it’s not really a ban) but never experienced it. Other sketcher friends had, so I wrote up this post with a link to a document to carry around when you sketch in India.

This is as far as I got with my sketch inside the temple before I had to leave.
But the tree outside was something else. Ficus trees are the best!

That was my last sketch in India. Hope you enjoyed my trip through the sketches

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10 Responses to Last bits from Pune: India 2017

  1. lise says:

    Great sketch Suhita … I would like to know How do you begin your painting by drawing or painting first and add line on it after … Thanks …


  2. Ingrid Lacis says:

    Do not hurry…I just got home….




  3. Enjoyed all your sketches from this trip! Thanks for sharing.

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  4. Wonderful sketches from your trip – I enjoyed every post. Though I understand not being allowed to sketch inside the temple, I’m still sorry you weren’t able to complete your art as you wanted. Everyone seems fascinated to watch you draw.

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  5. D. Abreu says:

    Beautiful sketches Suhita! I love your line and colors and I learn always tons from your style. There are people who sketch very meticulously and every line is perfectly made, I am the total opposite and it takes some convincing to believe that because my line is free is not wrong. If you can understand what I mean. When I look at your work I love it and feel that my line is OK. Weird Ahh 🙂
    Take care,


    • Daisy, I think there’s so many beautiful marks to be made on paper and line quality can be lovely, drawn tightly , drawn loosely and anywhere in between. Just work from what comes naturally to you and aim at capturing what you want to with line you love

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  6. ckajal says:

    Very good sketches

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