Bijapur, Part 2: India 2017

More from Bijapur. Big monuments and little ones. But first a horse carriage. Drawn quickly while eating lunch. Whenever possible, I’ll sit by a window because you never know if something interesting (and sketchable) will pass by. This horse carriage, mostly used to take tourists around to different monuments around the city, paused for a while outside our restaurant window.

This is my niece sitting opposite me drawing with only a small fraction of the audience that gathered to watch her draw. On the table, our art supplies and our dosai.

The Gol Gumbaz might be Bijapur’s most famous monument. But the Adil Shahi dynasty’s monuments dot the whole city. This  is the Gagan Mahal, a huge audience and performance hall. I sketched it while lounging on the grounds in the shade of a big banyan tree.

The Jal Mandir by comparison is relatively small and stands in what is now a dried-up pond. I don’t know what I enjoyed more: sketching this strange and fascinating little structure, or capturing all the people who passed by on the busy street in front of it.

This small masjid stands on the outskirts of town. It was sketched in the evening as the light faded. Buffaloes grazed on the grasses  and buses destined to be taken apart for scrap stood nearby.

By contrast, the Jama Masjid is a large mosque that stands by a big (but now empty) tank. There were a lot of tourists the morning we visited and the little kids loved jumping in and out of that large tank.

Visiting a place just doesn’t feel complete without a visit to the local market. This is a street market with vegetable vendors doing brisk business involving lots of bargaining. A buffalo grazes on watermelon rinds amongst the shoppers. One of the joys of sketching in India is that you get to interact with everyone wherever you are. While we sketched, vendors chatted with us, we got offered slices of watermelon to sample and a little girl brought us roses that her mom was selling.

This small roadside shrine with indecipherable (to me) markings sat among the fields of bajra and pomegranates a short drive outside town.

This was my very last sketch in Bijapur, but this scene could have been just about anywhere in India.

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15 Responses to Bijapur, Part 2: India 2017

  1. John Hofman says:

    Amazing country; very good work!

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  2. These are beautiful, they seem full of love.

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  3. As always, a treat to visit your site – I feel like I’m traveling in India and it’s lovely.

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  4. Anne Percival says:

    Absolutely charming..bring back so many memories of India

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  5. Janet says:

    Your work has such a charming feel to it. I am able to enjoy some of your travel experiences through the sketches. I have been following your blog for a while now & always enjoy your posts. Am also working with your “Sketching People” Craftsy course. It is a great help for learning people sketching. Thanks for both.


  6. robbin diciacco says:

    Suhita, I do not tell you often enough how much I enjoy your blog, sketches and writings. Thank you for the efforts you make to inspire me/others. Robbin

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  7. holmar58 says:

    Your sketches are wonderful!


  8. Vina says:

    Now I want to make dosa! Masala! Do you ever think of leading a sketchers tour in India?


  9. D. Abreu says:

    Love your sketches from India!


  10. Hello Suhita,
    Your sketches are amazing.


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