Sketches from the City. And a Launch Party

A week ago I went to San Francisco to help Laurie Wigham put the final touches to all the work she’d put in to the launch party for 10×10 San Francisco.If you live in the Bay Area and don’t know about 10×10, check it out here and register for a workshop. Our generous hosts Arch Art donated the space,the food and wine, the raffle prizes and the posters for the party.
Here’s a look at the posters, put up the day before the launch.Every poster reflects the work of an instructor teaching a class.

Since I got to the city an hour early, I had some time to do two quick sketches of the changing skyline of San Francisco. Both pieces are from the same spot. Amazingly, I remembered to take a shot of both of them as I was working, so you can see them in-process. The TransAmerica building is totally dwarfed by all the tall new buildings!


On the day of the launch party, we had a great big sketchcrawl at Mission Bay. As usual, I forgot to take photos of the gathering. But here are my two sketches from that day.

A boat on the canal.

And sketchers drawing the boat.Second from the left, sitting down, is Laurie. My only record of here from that wonderful day she organized for us all.

And a few photos of instructors and sketchers at the launch party.

I couldn’t resist coming home with some goodies from the store. The Fabriano Journal won’t handle wet media but it’s great with pencil and I just love these Blackwing pencils!


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  1. I feel like I’ve been let in on a wonderful secret.

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