Postcards for Democracy: An update, thank you, and more postcards.

Thank you for the absolutely overwhelming support for the first round of the Postcards For Democracy project. I had planned on printing and distributing 500 postcards and quickly doubled the number to 1000. But they were still all promised out within 24 hours. You can see it took a family effort to get all those postcards shipped out quickly!
update4If you wrote to me too late to receive any, I am so sorry, but keep reading, I’m printing more cards… If you got some and are writing them out, send me an image or a note, it’s good to see them being used.

In round one of the project, I asked that you contribute a minimum of $10 to ACLU, write and tell me you did it and I would send you the postcards. Here’s a rough costing of what that first round cost and how much we raised , based on what you wrote in and told me your donated.
The postcards (which I ordered at a discounted rate) , envelopes and postage cost me just under $200 for the 1000 cards I mailed out. And the grand total you donated to ACLU was atleast $2300! Thank you! That is awesome!!

I’d like to continue the project, but keep it self-sustaining. At first, I thought of putting the pdf online, but decided against it, since I’d love to keep up the donations. Instead, the postcards are available through my etsy store in sets of 20 for $10. You can buy as many sets as you want and I will donate all the profits from the sales to ACLU.
Just how much will that be? With a little back-of-the envelope math, I figured that after printing and shipping costs , etsy and other payment fees associated with the sale, $7 of every $10 set will go to ACLU.Exact amounts will differ depending on the price I get each time I reorder the postcards as well and how many postcards you order.

Sound good? Then go get those postcards now. Thanks again for helping make the project a success.


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4 Responses to Postcards for Democracy: An update, thank you, and more postcards.

  1. miatagrrl says:

    Amazingly cool project! Bravo!

    – Tina


  2. Pip says:

    Perhaps you could do mugs & other products as well? Your design would look great. Rachel Rofe did some training on this last week. Apparently easy using, launch on Amazon & link to Etsy?? She reckons $7.30 profit on 14.95 mug:


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