USk Symposium, Chicago: How do you choose a workshop?

Reminder: Early Bird Registration for the Urban Sketchers Symposium in Chicago opens this Saturday. If you are planning to go, log in and register as soon as registration opens, because those passes go fast!

But you’ve got some homework to do before then, because there are 36 workshops, 30 demos and 5 lectures to choose from and you’ll want to read up on those descriptions, choose your workshops and demos (and perhaps choose a second one as a backup in case your first choice is full) and be prepared before Saturday.

Here are some links that might help:

Exact time and other details ( including a timesone convertor so you know exactly when registration opens) are on this page.

This page has a LOT of information. Workshop Schedules, Demonstration Schedules, and links at the bottom of the page to a description of each workshop.

Which brings up the question:  Just how do you choose??

The short answer is, it’s hard. And for a good reason. You will probably find more than one workshop in each session that you really want to take.

Here’s some things that might help you pick your workshops. 

  1. Is there an instructor you’ve always wanted to take a workshop from?
    If there is, then you’re in luck, and your choice is easy. I find that if I’m interested in a certain instructor’s work or thinking process, then the subject of their workshop almost doesn’t matter. Some of the most amazing workshops I’ve taken are from instructors who don’t teach a particular technique or subject, but really make you think in new ways.
  2. Is there something you’d love to learn that lies outside of your current skill set?
    Something you’re afraid to do? Don’t think you understand too well? Perspective? Drawing Buildings?? Drawing People??? Be brave, jump in and sign up for a workshop or two on the subject.
  3. Are you looking fresh ways to see something you currently know and do well?
    Maybe you’re pretty good at something, say drawing buildings. But have you thought of looking at the work of instructors who approach that same subject very differently from you ? That’s a great way to expand how you express yourself.
  4. See workshop that looks like just too much fun? Take it.
  5. Can’t get into your #1 and #2 choices? (or your #3 and #4 ones too?) The good news is you still have LOTS of amazing workshops to choose from, with 36 instructors! Take a workshop you never thought you’d take. I bet you will learn a lot.

    And don’t forget, sign up for demos and go to lectures too. And then there’s sketchcrawls too….

    beach_kids_suhitaI’ll be teaching my workshop People Tell Tales: Using Action And Interaction To Tell Stories three times during the Symposium. And I’ll do a demo too.

Hope to see you in Chicago! 

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6 Responses to USk Symposium, Chicago: How do you choose a workshop?

  1. Your students will be so very lucky!


  2. Gail says:

    So Disappointed!! I started at 8 AM! but couldn’t get past “promotional code” block. Site went directly from UNAVAILABLE to SOLD OUT! How did all those people get in? How did they find the CODE? Crying!!!


    • Gail if you saw promotional code, you were there too early, and needed to refresh your browser at exactly the opening time to get in . But you do know that it was only 1/3 of the total passes that got given out today, right? More coming soon, and the usk page should have updates this week on exactly what to do to get in. This is a hugely popular symposium since so mnay people in the US want to attend, so it’s hard to get in…and there’s only so large that the symposium can be and still be manageable especially to the host and the all-volunteer teams.


  3. dan says:

    I thought about (and wrote out) my goals for the symposium and that helped me focus. Only choosing four is tough because they all look so interesting. Thrilled to get into your class. Looking forward to Chicago!


  4. Sharon Nolfi says:

    Thanks for all the information, but registration was closed by 6:02 PST, with hundreds of people competing for a few spots. I think the event should expand so that all who want to attend can do so. Setting up intense competition just to participate just doesn’t seem in keeping with the values of the organization.


    • Sharon, sorry about that: I doubt the point of the registration is to set up competition: but the fact that this is all volunteer, the size of venues etc, dictate the size of these events: but remember , early registration is only a third of the total available passes for workshops and there are a lot fo non-workshop ways to be at the symposium too! Gd luck with the next round of registration, if you are going to try and get in then!


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