Lanterns: India 2017

I missed both Diwali and Christmas in India. Christmas by just a few days, Diwali by months. But luckily, no one is in a hurry to pull down decorations, so I still got to enjoy them.

This lantern, called a kandil hung outside a little eatery, a khanaval, in Kudal, Maharashtra.

You see these star-shaped lanterns everywhere in Goa. Strung across the streets, on the fronts of churches and homes. These red stars are strung across the balcony of one of Panjim’s oldest hotels, Hotel Mandovi. If you’re ever there, order a plate of their prawn-stuffed  papads with your drink.

All over Panjim are shops selling a zillion patterns of stars. I brought a bunch back home. See that lady sitting on a blue chair in the distance in this picture? That’s my mom, who agreed to come with me to the store to buy some lanterns and then got stuck with me wanting to sketch (look at this place, wouldn’t you want to sketch it?). Luckily , the shopkeeper gave her a chair to sit on while I sketched.


More from India:2017, coming soon.

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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3 Responses to Lanterns: India 2017

  1. Your mom knows her daughter – lucky for you and lucky for us – you get to sketch and we get to see the sketches. Give your mom a kiss for me, please.

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  2. Nancy Armitage says:

    Always love your posts. I especially enjoyed seeing a photo of the inspiration for the sketch. It helps to show how you filtered the scene down to capture in a sketch.

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  3. Donna Vaughan says:

    thank you so much for taking us along on your shopping expedition. Beautiful!


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