More Little Captures: India 2017

More in the ‘Little Captures” series.

I spend quite a bit of time at the bank every time I visit. Luckily, my dad handles most of the work, so it’s all well organized for me and the people in the bank are always nice. Also, there’s always a hot cup of chai while I wait. I always wonder where all those dozens of pages of paper I fill in every time go…bank

Coconut trees are everywhere in Goa.Anywhere you are, you look outside a window, you can draw a palm tree. The second sketch below is from my sister’s balcony over morning chai ( Yes, chai is a big part of everyday). Too bad I missed the day the man arrived to take the coconuts down from the tree.

Here’s a few unfinished sketches.
Man filling provisions into bottles. A month’s worth of rice, wheat, flour, and pulses gets bought in large quantities and then transferred to jars and stored.

Half a page of people sketches. Made by Panjim busstand while waiting for my friend Gauri.

And a sketch at Pune University of a huge ficus: a banyan tree. I started sketching this, then realized I wasn’t at the right meeting point to meet up with the Pune Urban Sketchers, so I had to leave it unfinished and rush to meet them. Would have been fun to finish this one, it was a misty morning on campus, and a fantastic tree…

Vainguinim Beach, where the fishermen bring in the nets for the evening and couples stroll on the beach.I got this far and then realized I’d left my paints at home. You know the difference between a plein air painter and an urban sketcher? Urban Sketchers cant resist drawing all those fantastic electric poles and hanging wires( 2nd sketch below) in their sketches. Or those abandoned water bottles and other trash on beaches (see bottom left corner of sketch) cidadebeach

This is what I drink all the time (when I’m not having my evening gin and tonic with my dad): fresh Lime Soda, slightly sweet, slightly salted. Best drink for a hot day.

This is Nirmala, who fed us everyday. Here she fixes our botched up attempt at making caramel custard.

And this is my mom, working on her daily writing. She has a tremor in her hands. and arthritis too, so she does some hand exercises everyday and practices writing to help with it.

Aimee, my parent’s neighbor had her First Communion while I was visiting. Afterwards, there was a party at the beach. Little brother Zach looked pretty spiffy too.

So glad I took little sketchbooks along on my trip. When I carry just a larger book, I tend to skip over drawing these scenes.



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15 Responses to More Little Captures: India 2017

  1. Annie says:

    Your sketches are a joy, Suhita, and I love your brief comments. Hahaha for definition of urban sketchers! Do you recall what drawing implement you used for the gentleman filling jars sketch? Love that kind of line.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Carmela Rizzuto says:

    Suhita–thanks for sharing scenes from daily life in India–your line is always very expressive regardless of the drawing tool that you use. FYI: liked learning about ‘timepass’…read a bit about it online.


  3. says:

    I wish I had a dollar for every fresh lime soda and each gin tonic I drank while living in Mumbai for two years. I love your sketches from India (well, I love the ones in California too!).

    Nancy in Georgia

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  4. Love these little views into your life in India…I feel as if I’m there…

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Liz Steel says:

    really loving these little captures – just like I did from your Italy trip!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ever since that Italy trip and our discussions after about little sketches I’ve been trying to do a lot more of them, and I not only find that I try different media with them, but also that i capture things that interest me, but that I would find too daunting or transient for a bigger sketch.


  6. Thanks for bringing us along again! Your sketches in the balmy climate are so warming.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Every time I visit your blog, I am just amazed at your talent. You capture so much life and energy in every drawing whether in color or black and white. A joy to see each page you share with us.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Dimi Jani says:

    Beautiful! I’ve always wanted to go to Goa and that quite literally painted the picture for me a little. Love your blog!


  9. Venus & Mars says:

    I love them. Your blog is awesome.


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