Plugging On

A recent post from John Muir Laws titled The Enemy of the Good: moving beyond perfectionism has been an open tab in my browser for the last couple of weeks, and I’ve re-read it a few times. It couldn’t be more well timed. It’s been a crazy few weeks and promises to get crazier. And as I work through the last few commissions of the year and ship them out in time for the holidays, sketching takes a back seat.

Looking back at last week, there’s not much of note that got sketched. Still, I did put pen to paper. So here is last week, in sketches.

Last week’s figure drawing session.

And a few little sketches of my son. Yes, he did need a haircut. And he got one. Well, a trim, anyways.

I like pen and paper better than digital media. And conversation is a lot nicer than smartphone and screens.

Some days days, I’m too tired to think of something to draw, but I still miss putting pen to paper. This spread of random figures from a magazine belonged to a day like that.

It wasn’t all work this week, though. This is Jeffrey Halford and the Healers singing the Blues at Poor House Bistro in San Jose on Saturday night.

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10 Responses to Plugging On

  1. Much energy and excitement in your art – it’s always a pleasure to linger over your sketches.


  2. I tried to follow your teaching and draw skaters… they are so difficult! Any tips?


    • Laura, are you talking about the craftsy class? Have you tried sung lesson 2 to work through drawing skaters ( assuming you’re some place with a lot of skaters and you can use different people to complete a figure?


  3. miatagrrl says:

    These are marvelous! Looks like you did quite a bit of drawing, to me!



    • Thanks Tina, given how quickly I draw these don’t add up to very much sketching time at all. But I do sketch between things, like when I finish my breakfast and the kids are only halfway through and I sit around and chat with them… I’ll draw.


  4. Marlene Lee says:

    “Putting pen to paper no matter what


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