Urban sketches, figure studies and little still lifes are what I mostly post here. But every once in a while I’ll do a piece that doesn’t fit those categories.

The biggest difference between urban sketching and working on these pieces is that in the former I watch my subject more than the page I’m drawing on. And with these pieces, I might use a reference as a jumping off point, but after using it loosely I’m working towards a rather fuzzy vision in my head. Quite a different way to work.

Here’s one called “In the Shadow”. It’s only partially done, but I might want to start over with it, since it didn’t go where I wanted it to. Watercolor and ink on coldpress paper.the_shadow

Here’s a study for a series based on  my sketches at museums. Gouache on black paper.the_museum_guard

For this one, I used a photograph I took of a manzanita tree as a jumping off point. I really enjoyed the mark making process on this one. Pastel and gouache on black paper.manzilla

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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  1. Each painting exhibits energy.

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