A beautiful day with Gaye

Just what I needed at the end of last week: a wonderful, forget-everything-nasty ( if only for the day) kind of day at Gaye‘s place up in the Santa Cruz mountains with Nina. ( If you don’t know either of their work, you really should check it out by clicking on their names)

We chatted a lot, ate and sketched a little bit in Gaye’s daughter’s persimmon orchards. And we came home goodie-laden: 2 types of persimmon and a bag of dried persimmon each. So you’ll be seeing a lot of persimmon sketches over the next few weeks. This is just the start…


I plan to play with sketching these persimmon in pastels, in gouache and of course again in traditional watercolor. So you know what I’ll be posting about again next week…

Thank you Gaye, I might just be back sooner than you know: what a wonderfully magical place, breathtaking setting and best of all, fabulous company.

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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9 Responses to A beautiful day with Gaye

  1. Persimmons are such gorgeous fruit and you capture every nuance of their gorgeousness.

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  2. Beautiful… I can see the joy of the day in your sketches!!


  3. Just Beautiful, Suhita…ah, the California life…

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  4. Vina says:

    I am just so happy, seeing these lively watercolor images of a favorite fruit!

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  5. Suzanne Tractenberg says:

    I like drawing/painting from real life……maybe I’ll stop at the Groc store on my way to class tomorrow and pick up “something” and take a bowl from home as my model.

    Stopped in Artist and Craftsman after lunch ( which was very pleasant, BTW) and oh my God……do they have fab things! …stocking up for the holidays. I could go crazy……but won’t. Great ideas, though, and lots on sale.The little WN Palette is on sale for $19 or $19. Still more than the one on Amazon. I’ll look that up and see if it’s still on sale.

    Bought stuff at Beverly’s the other day to make a mitten Garland for Liły ….they can hang over the door way from LV Rm into the Dn Rm. ( did the heart one for them last Feb and think they really liked and appreciated it…..happy to do it if it’s appreciated. Will sew the mittens and stuff with cotton. If I were really ambitious I would decorate them with beads, etc. But don’t have time or inclination.

    Happy trails, my dear! Have a wonderful trip! Xox, s

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  6. D. Abreu says:

    Sihita this is lovely, very nice job!


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