Reportage illustration with just 3 tools

Last weekend, my daughter’s middle school orchestra had a very special concert, where they met with orchestras from a whole bunch of schools in San Jose. They practiced together for a few hours in the morning and then played together in a concert, the Halloween MegaConcert.  I sat in a large gym at Lincoln High School on bleachers towards the back. I had a good view of the bases and cellos standing near us but a view of the back of the heads of most of the kids. The spread has kids waiting for the concert to begin. Middle school kids, surprisingly, can wait pretty patiently!concert_mega0

And here they are, finally, in action.
It was quite something to hear all 490 students play one final piece together.

For all these sketches I used a really minimalistic kit: one pen, one pencil and a smallish sketchbook. Much as I love watercolor, I’m finding that there are many places and situations in which dry media, as small a kit as possible, and a more note-taking approach mixed in with sketches makes for much better reportage. All I carried with me was a Handbook Journal, a Sailor bent Nib pen, and a Rainbow Pencil.

I may add a couple of tools or switch out the rainbow pencil sometime for something else, but I really like the idea of a kit that allows me to work with so little.

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5 Responses to Reportage illustration with just 3 tools

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  2. George says:

    Very nice. I’m thinking about taking you people sketching class. Thanks george San Juan Capistrano

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  3. miatagrrl says:

    I love how you use the rainbow pencil for focus as well as color and shading — a very economical tool, that rainbow pencil! If I had to pick only 2 drawing implements, I think those are the same things I would choose, too! But I’m thinking now of Andrea Joseph’s wonderful post about all the things I’d be tempted to add back in! 😉

    – Tina

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    • Tina, I’m always tempted to pull out my watercolors. But I’ve been carrying two books: my Beta ofcourse, but also a tiny thinner pages book so I so this quick dry media reportage stuff. Watercolors is more ‘painting a picture’ this one more reportage for me…. although those lines can blur 🙂


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