One last halloween post

Nothing is more out-of-date than Halloween the day after Halloween. Still, it’s the soonest I could post these sketches, given that I did them yesterday.

I drove by Louise’s yard this weekend and got a quick glimpse of the awesome decorations. So I went back to see it while he put his final touches to it yesterday. It’s a work of art, and like many works of art, a labor of love. Louise does this really elaborate setup, adding motors and sound and all sorts of effects the zillions of things in his yard. All just for the fun of it, every year. Here are some vignettes of the stuff in his yard.


I sketched all three pages in black ink and then added color to all three, also on location. I think I often just add color by reflex, and with this one especially I wonder if I should have just left it in line. Here are the same three pages, when I was done.

If you’re wondering how it’s possible to add color to 3 spreads all together and not make a mess, here’s what I did: I did make a big mess, I turned over spreads while they were wet. Some pages stuck together and I unstuck them as best as I could.

I guess the question is: Does the color add anything? Does it take anything away? And could I have said what I said in these three spreads with no (or less) color?

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8 Responses to One last halloween post

  1. I do like the black and white better – because there is so much going on on one page the color is not necessary. I do think that the color works really well in the very last sketch (right side of page) because of the composition.
    Very VERY fun sketches – you captured the “spirit”!

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  2. Kiki says:

    I love the colour versions – amazing what difference a little colour makes!

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  3. Vina says:

    I agree the color makes it easier to read, rounds out the figures…

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  4. Definitely love what you did with the color! and the messiness of it complements the action.


  5. I like the color, especially since you kept it loose, applied sparingly, and limited your palette – very effective ghoulish look!


  6. darylzblog says:

    Do you sponge the color onto the drawing? I seem to like it because it is consistent with
    your style.

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