Inktober, week 3

Week 3 of Inktober. Somedays I feel like I could keep doing an ink sketch a day, and some days it’s hard to get even one little piece done.  You can see I repeat subjects and themes: I’ll sketch things over and over. Or draw everyday scenes around home. That takes “I have nothing to draw” off the plate.

Homework time means models who hold quite still.redchair

This isn’t the first – or last time- Walter will make an appearance here.

If there’s an art to taking selfies, I’m so glad my kids haven’t mastered it yet. Every so often I’ll download photos from my camera and find it filled with ridiculous selfies they take. The distortion and angles on them are hilarious. So I sketched some of them one day.

And when I run out of subjects, I can always draw my hands. Left hand sketched with right. Right with left.

One more week of #inktober to go!

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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3 Responses to Inktober, week 3

  1. Vina says:

    I like your looseness when working from photos, not too fussy

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  2. MAGNY TJELTA says:

    This looks like fun, and it makes me want to find my ink!!

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  3. So much energy! Love these!


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