Only in San Francisco

It was a super warm day in San Francisco. This first sketch is done during the People and Places workshop in the city , which was a day after the one in Berkeley. At the Ferry Building Farmer’s Market, a location that is always super busy.

I was ready to head back home after the workshop, but how could I not stop and sketch this event: The Body Art Show. The show came about to protest the city law against public nudity. You could tell that all the participants were really enjoying slathering themselves with sunscreen and hanging out in the sunshine.

And yes, where except in San Francisco would that happen?


About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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4 Responses to Only in San Francisco

  1. rhodadraws says:

    I love the body art sketches….especially the shoes and boots!

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  2. You’re right, only in S.F.! I got to watch a naked bike rally ride by while waiting for a bus there once. Too fast to sketch, but I’m sure the participants would have loved it. I think you would have no problem getting it down on paper!


    • This was easier, Susan, they stood still. What was strange, is how reluctant I was to draw them: I draw at figure drawing sessions all the time, but this was different. Until I went over and chatted with a couple of people in the event and then it didn’t seem strange at all: just another reportage event.


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