Last week in little sketches

We’re into October already. Or maybe it’s InkTober to you? You’ve seen a  few of last week’s little sketches already in my Inktober post. Here are some more from the week that was.

It must be fall, because the pears are gone and there’s pumpkins and gourds in my studio instead. I particularly like the little white one, it’s fun to paint white stuff in watercolors. I want to do a whole series of “how to paint a white pumpkin in many different ways”. Maybe next week, that pumpkin will last forever.

Like many things I draw, I often draw stuff over and over, just with a slightly different approach each time (mostly just to keep me from getting bored). Here is my “thinking in triads” version.
riad_pumpkinsThe 3 colors I’m using are Permanent Alizarin Crimson, Ultramarine Blue and Hansa Yellow Medium. @janeblundellart suggested I try quin rose for my red for brighter purples and I might try that. Thanks Jane!

In the pastels department, still playing with them. This is my daughter’s violin. violin

And from figure drawing, 2 studies of the model in her long pose. Each of these was done in one 20-minute session.

Until next week, happy everyday sketches, and if you’re Inktobering, have fun!

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5 Responses to Last week in little sketches

  1. I really like your life drawing sketches. I go to Life Drawing each week and just recently purchased some big pads of mixed media paper. Would you mind sharing what media you used. It looks like watercolor, maybe ink with perhaps some marker? I probably should experiment at home before taking all my supplies to class!


    • Carmel, my standard stuff is charcoal for the quick studies and watercolor for the long poses. But every so often I’ll take something else with me: I usually play with the new media at home using little still life setups and then I take them life drawing: ink and water soluble pastel show up quite often.

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  2. miatagrrl says:

    When I was shopping for squashes and pumpkins to sketch, I avoided a little white one like yours because I wanted a color fix — but now I see how I could have gotten one from it, too! I’ll get one next time! In the meantime, I’ll look forward to your post on different ways to sketch a white pumpkin!



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